S.NO Course Name
1. Ceritificate in radiologist assistant
2. Certificate in Ayurvedic Pharmacy
3. Certificate in Cardiology
4 Certificate in Cath Lab
5 Certificate in Community Health Worker
6 Certificate in Community Medical Service
7 Certificate in CT Technician
8 Certificate in Dental Lab Technician
9 Certificate in Dialysis Technician
10 Certificate in ECG and CT Scan Technician
11 Certificate In ECG Technician
12 Certificate in Electrocardiography
13 Certificate in Health and Sanitary Inspector
14 Certificate in HIV and Family Education
15 Certificate in Home Based Health Care
16 Certificate in Hospital Management
17 Certificate in ICU Technician
18 Certificate in Lab Assistant/Technician
19 Certificate In Medical Dresser
20 Certificate In Medical Lab Technology
21 Certificate in MRI technician
22 Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant
23 Certificate in Operation theatre assistant
24 Certificate in Ophthalmic Assistant
25 Certificate in Ophthalmic technician
26 Certificate in Opt homology
27 Certificate in Physiotherapy
28 Certificate in Radiology Imaging Technology
29 Certificate in Rural Health Care
30 Certificate in Veterinary Assistant
31 Certificate in Veterinary Pharmacy
32 Certificate in Ward Boy
33 Certificate in X-Ray Technician
34 Certificate medical laboratory assistant
35 Certificate Sanitary Inspector
36 Community Medical Service & Essential Drugs


S.NO Course Name
1. Diploma In Hospital Administration (PG)
2. Diploma In Acupressure
3. Diploma In Anaesthesia
4 Diploma In Ayurvedic Compounder
5 Diploma In Ayurvedic Pharmacy
6 Diploma In Beauty Cosmetology Health & Wellness
7 Diploma In Clinical Research
8 Diploma In Critical Care Management
9 Diploma In Critical Care Technology
10 Diploma In CSSD Technician
11 Diploma In Dental Hygiene
12 Diploma In Dental Hygiene (L.E)
13 Diploma In Dental Technician & Hygiene
14 Diploma In Dental Technician And Prosthodontics
15 Diploma In Dialysis
16 Diploma In Dialysis Technician
17 Diploma In ECG Technology
18 Diploma In Hair Stylist & Hair Care
19 Diploma In Health Care & Service
20 Diploma In Health Information Technology
21 Diploma In Health Sanitary Inspector
22 Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech
23 Diploma In Herbal Medicine
24 Diploma In Homeopathy Pharmacy
25 Diploma In Hospital Management
26 Diploma In Industrial Safety
27 Diploma In Live Stone & Veterinary Science
28 Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
29 Diploma In Medical Lab Technology
30 Diploma In Medical Record Technology
31 Diploma In Medical Transcriptions
32 Diploma In Multipurpose Health Worker
33 Diploma In Naturopathy And Yoga Science
34 Diploma In Nutrition & Health Education
35 Diploma In Operation Theater Technology
36 Diploma In OT Assistant
37 Diploma In Pharma Sales
38 Diploma In Pharmaceuticals Marketing Management
39 Diploma In Pharmacy (Ayurveda)
40 Diploma In Pharmacy (Homoeopathy)
41 Diploma In Physiotherapy
42 Diploma In Redio Imagine Technology
43 Diploma In Refraction Optometry
44 Diploma In Speech & Hearing
45 Diploma In Ultra Sound Technology
46 Diploma In Veterinary Science
47 Diploma In X -Ray
48 Diploma In X-Ray Technician
49 Diploma In Yoga & Natural Therapy
50 Diploma In Yoga & Naturopathy(L.E)
51 Diploma In Yoga And Naturopathy