Exam process

The exam process at Maharishi Vagbhata Ayurveda & Yoga Shaikshik Santhan is a systematic and fair evaluation system designed to assess the knowledge, understanding, and proficiency of students in their respective programs. The exams are an integral part of the academic curriculum and play a crucial role in determining the students' progress and performance. Here is an overview of the exam process:

Examination Schedule:

The institute follows a predefined academic calendar, which includes a schedule for various examinations throughout the academic year. The schedule will specify the dates and timings of the exams, allowing students to prepare accordingly.

Types of Examinations:

The exam process may include different types of assessments, depending on the program and course requirements. These assessments may include:

Written Examinations: These are traditional pen-and-paper exams where students answer questions to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Practical Examinations: For programs that involve hands-on skills, practical exams are conducted to assess the students' proficiency in applying theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

Viva Voce: A viva voce or oral examination may be conducted to evaluate the students' understanding of the subject and their ability to articulate concepts.

Project and Assignment Assessments: Some programs may involve project work or assignments, which are evaluated for their content, presentation, and adherence to guidelines.

Examination Syllabus:

Students receive a detailed syllabus for each subject or course, outlining the topics and chapters that will be covered in the exam. The syllabus acts as a guide for students to focus their preparation efforts.

Evaluation and Grading:

After the examinations, the answer scripts, practical assessments, and other evaluation materials are collected and handed over to qualified faculty members for grading. The evaluation process is conducted impartially and with integrity.

Declaration of Results:

The results of the examinations are compiled and verified before being announced to the students. The institute ensures that the results are communicated in a transparent and timely manner.


On the completion of the course, the institute issues Certificates to students, detailing their performance in the exams and overall academic progress.

The exam process at Maharishi Vagbhata Ayurveda & Yoga Shaikshik Santhan aims to encourage academic excellence and foster a culture of continuous learning. It serves as a crucial mechanism to assess the students' knowledge and understanding of the subjects they study, ultimately preparing them to excel in their chosen fields of study and practice.